Whitening Included With All New Adult Cleanings!

  • Direct billing
  • New clients welcome, no referral needed
  • Quiet and relaxing atmosphere
  • Free on-site parking
  • Online booking


Did You Know?

Dental Hygienists have specialized skills and training to provide you with the same care as a traditional dental office. The difference is, we can create a more relaxed and comfortable experience! 

By adding special touches like heated back and shoulder pads, blankets and a calming and peaceful atmosphere, clients feel more at ease while having their dental hygiene treatments. Also, the noises and smells of a traditional dental office that are often associated with anxiety and fear, are non-existent.

**Your insurance covers your dental hygiene services the same as it would at your regular dental office!**

Why Choose An Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic?

  • Calm and inviting atmosphere (read more on our "About" page)
  • Alternative way to get your teeth professionally cleaned
  • Your dental insurance will cover your treatment the same it does at a traditional dental office
  • No needles (we do offer needle-free anesthetic
  • No noises of drills that are often associated with anxiety and dental fears
  • Affordable prices for Dental Hygiene in Fredericton and Teeth Whitening in Fredericton
  • Never feel rushed or pushed to make appointments
  • Our focus is on the prevention of oral disease
  • Client comfort and trust is our goal

Gift from the heart

Saturday, April. 4, 2020

Sparkling Smiles is excited to be participating for the second time in Gift From The Heart on April 4, 2020!

Registered Dental Hygienists all across Canada will open their hearts and clinics to provide oral health care to the public who may be financially unable to receive dental hygiene care or who have difficulty accessing dental hygiene treatment, at no cost. 

The Gift from the Heart is a day set aside for registered dental hygienists all across Canada to share their skills and knowledge with those who need it the most. To date, registered dental hygienists have provided over 1 million dollars in dental hygiene care on the Gift from the Heart day.