Frequently Asked Questions

What is an independent dental hygiene practice?

  • Many people have not heard of an independent dental hygiene practice as it is a newer concept in New Brunswick.  With the appropriate education and training, dental hygienists can work on their own, without the direct supervision of a dentist. This has allowed dental hygienists the freedom to be their own boss and open their own independent clinics. In many other provinces, independent dental hygiene clinics are very popular, some provinces have them on every street corner similar to traditional dental offices!

Will my dental insurance cover my treatments?

  • Yes! Your dental insurance will cover the cost of your treatments the same way it would at your regular dental office.

Do you direct bill?

  • Yes! We direct bill to most insurance carriers, however there are a select few who do not accept electronic billing. (Manulife and Sunlife) In that case, the client will be responsible to pay for the cost of their treatments up front and submit their receipt themselves to get reimbursed. 

How long does teeth whitening last?

  • It is dependent on many factors (coffee,tea,red wine,smoking etc) Everyone's teeth are different, some people do a touch-up once or twice a year, while others do a touch-up every couple of months.

Is teeth whitening bad for my teeth?

  • No! Whitening will not weaken or damage your enamel. Teeth whitening is considered the safest cosmetic dental procedure. 

Why choose an independent dental hygiene practice?

  • We are not a dental office! We offer a different kind of atmosphere where you will feel relaxed and at ease. No drills, no needles, no dental office smells. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best care possible! Independent practices give you an alternative way to getting your teeth professionally cleaned. Visit your regular dentist for your annual checkup and any recommended x-rays, and see us for your affordable cleanings. 

Do I need a referral?

  • No! No referral is needed to be a client at our clinic. We always accept new clients of all ages!

If I see you for my dental cleanings, do I still have to see my dentist?

  • Yes! It is recommended that you get a checkup and any recommended x-rays by your dentist once a year. 

I do not have a dentist. What should I do?

  • No need to worry. We work closely with several dental offices in Fredericton and would be more than happy to send off a referral for you.

My dentist has told me I need to get my teeth cleaned every 3 or 4 months. Is this true?

  • Yes! Many people are prone to getting a lot of plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth which can lead to gum disease and eventual tooth loss. For these people it is very important to stay ahead of it by having professional cleanings more frequently. This ensures your gums stay healthy and disease free. Because of our affordable prices, many people are able to see us on a more regular basis to help maintain their oral health.

I no longer have dental coverage so I can not have my teeth cleaned anymore.

  • We understand that any kind of dental service can be expensive, but if you no longer have dental insurance, it is still extremely important to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis and to have an annual checkup by your dentist. Many times, it is actually cheaper to pay out of pocket for dental services than paying the monthly fees to have dental insurance. 

What is the best kind of toothpaste to use?

  • Fluoride is an important ingredient in toothpaste to look for. It helps keep your teeth healthy and strong and fights cavities. All of the familiar brands of toothpaste will have fluoride. (Colgate, Crest, Sensodyne, Arm & Hammer etc) There is no "best" toothpaste out there, whatever you like, use it! 

What is the best floss to use?

  • Again, whatever kind you find works for your teeth and whatever kind you like! Everybody's teeth are different, some people need a thicker floss because they have larger spaces, some people need a thinner floss because their teeth are extremely tight. Ask us and we can help you choose the right floss based on your individual needs. 

Should I use a hard toothbrush? It cleans better!

  • This is not necessarily true. The harder the brush, the harder it is on your gums and enamel. They can wear the enamel down on your teeth, and hard brushes can lead to gum recession where the gums get pushed up the tooth. (Think of the term "long in the tooth") Once this occurs, the gums cannot be grown back. Dental professionals always recommend a soft or extra soft brush. They clean just as good as a hard brush, minus the damage. We also highly recommend electric toothbrushes. Ask us during your appointment which ones we recommend! 

At what age should I bring my child for their first visit?

  • It is recommended that your child sees a dentist shortly after their first tooth erupts. Even though a dentist might only get a quick look, they can still educate you on the importance of properly looking after your babies teeth. For their first dental hygiene visit, many children by age 3 are able to sit in the chair on their own and get familiar with all the things we do. A first visit might only be a ride in the chair, but every positive experience will lead to a child who does not have anxiety or fears in a dental setting. Check out our "Kids Corner" for more information.