Kids corner


Sugarbug Free Club

We understand how important it is for children to please their parents, teachers and friends. Positive reinforcement is a great tool to make children feel valued and proud! 

Here at Sparkling Smiles, we have a Sugar Bug Free Club! Every child gets to be a member of the Sugar Bug Free Club, and at each visit, your child will receive their very own Sugar Bug Free certificate! With parents permission, each child can get their picture taken at our Sugar Bug Free Wall! Grab a silly tooth prop and say cheese! 

Does Your Child Have A Fear Of The Dentist?

If your child has a fear of the dentist, no need to worry! We have no needles, and no noises of drills which are often associated with fear and anxiety. (For children and adults alike!) 

At Sparkling Smiles every visit is a positive experience and of course lots of fun! Children can learn how to brush with our interactive brushing bear Mr. Bristles, have a game of Crocodile Dentist, and learn all about sugar bugs and how to brush and floss those sneaky bugs away! 

Children will get to see how the "bubble blower" or "Mr. Thirsty" (aka the suction) sucks up all of the water and bugs out of their mouth, and how our "tooth tickler" (aka the polisher) tickles all of their teeth with special toothpaste to get all those sugarbugs off and make their teeth sparkly clean! 

Childrens First Visit

Did you know by the time your child is around 3 years old, they are old enough to have their teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist? Yes! The earlier you get your children in to see a dental hygienist, the less fear and anxiety they will have about the whole experience! Having positive experiences early on paves the road for future visits to either dental hygienists or dentists. After their first visit, children often say "It was no big deal!", or "That was fun!" 

Often a first visit for a small child aged 3 or 4 might only include going for a ride in our super cool chair, seeing how Mr. Thirsty sucks water out of a little cup, they can see how the tooth tickler feels on their own fingernails, and have a quick lesson on good brushing and flossing! 

Don't forget about our Sugar Bug Free Club!